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I do the same thing, but instead, I think out loud.

Anyways, This was pretty entertaining. Very funny and very relatable. I liked how you did the effect of the bouncing up and down of the train, it was very smooth. Not much animation wise here, but there didn't need to be. Great Job!

Was gonna give this a lower score, but I looked at your reply to VicariousE. If this is your way that you vent out your evil, I can respect that. With that said, Scat porn and snuff is some shit that highly disturbs me (I couldn't sleep after just hearing about what 2 girls 1 cup was and almost cried when I saw just a few seconds of "the pain olympics"). So yes, this was WAY to disturbing for my taste, but if you gain, as you said, "Happiness, excitement, and confidence," from this form of art, then I can respect it. There are some parts of this animation that could be a bit cleaner (Drawing wise) and some that are really great looking. I guess it just lacks consistency of a certain style.

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Very short, but great mechanics. It'd be cool of it was longer, and I'll be happy if you make something like that. Great game.

GOD DAMNIT!!! 57.12 MOTHER FUCKING SECONDS!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! Ahhh, great game, I'd love to beat it.

Okay, I was thinking that this was a pretty darn good game with some issues of course until I hit a game breaking glitch which had me have to restart a level. What happened was I glitched through the wall using the bitey character and then fell on the falling platform into a hole that my character couldn't get out of. Another issue that I had with this game Is that the balls bouncing around would put me in a trap and kill me in seconds. I believe that there should be a short amount of time that your characters is invincible a once you get hit to prevent getting trapped in a corner and dying.

Other than these glitches, I believe that this is a well done tribute to all of our favorite characters.

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Wow that was a great piece of wub wub!
It was very long and very layered and one of the best dubsteps I've ever heard, great job!

DJ-Babokon responds:

Yeah Thanks!


needs more kazoo and cowbell!!!

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May just be the fact that I'm currently attempting to beat Dark Souls, but before I even saw the description, I thought of the game. Pretty damn cool, man.

Zigan responds:

I actually have not beaten the game either haha. There is a decent amount of content though and I am always a straggler trying to get every last bit before I beat the game, which therefor makes me grow a bit bored or lose the mood of it after awhile. @_@ Thanks

Holy shit! Found this in your "Related Stuff" section thinking, "I don't recognize this." I'm glad I clicked on it, because something about this is really fucking cool too me. It really does look like one of those cool old playboy colors that I looked at at the beginning of my horny days (A.K.A. two years ago, lol) except it has a cool twist on it. Oh yeah, and the eyes and hair are perfect.

deathink responds:

Thanks man, I actually have like 5 different playdead covers drawn, however, sadly, there are on my old hard drive which crashed last year.

Holy shit, it looked fantastic without the coloring, and now it somehow looks better. You're crazy, man.

deathink responds:

I am sooo cray cray.

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