I made something for Halloween!

2012-11-01 00:11:07 by BSTHEDOG

You can watch it HERE!

Please rate and review because I love criticism and hope to improve. TANKS!

I love you guys

2012-09-10 00:15:47 by BSTHEDOG

Thanks for daily 3rd prize! It really means a lot to me to have that little digital trophy on my movies page, so thanks. Anyways, my next cartoon will probably be for Halloween, and I feel like I have a great idea.

Hmm, why shouldn't I ask?

The Cabin in the Woods

2012-04-29 02:04:01 by BSTHEDOG

... I just watched it and now I'm speechless...

We can do better...

2012-04-01 01:44:17 by BSTHEDOG

While I saw a news post the other day that addressed this issue (here it is) I would like to address it again.

Today while looking at the video So long, Edd I came across the stupidest conversation in the REVIEW section of the cartoon that you shouldn't even be finding in the bowels of youtube. This is not the f***ing comment section and nor should it even belong in any comment section. Holy crap i doubted the idea at first but we may just need a review moderation system.

We can do better...

Holy shit

2012-02-10 18:56:02 by BSTHEDOG

For those of you who are like me and live off of the games and movies of newgrounds, you might wanna check out the amazing audio portal visualization thing! it will blow you away...

hi there

2011-12-31 17:30:09 by BSTHEDOG

thats cool


2011-07-07 20:40:33 by BSTHEDOG

its what a cat dog sez :)